Why Wedding Pros Need Social Wedding Planning

Why Wedding Vendors Need A Wedocracy page

Attention Wedding Pros!

This blog post is for you!

If you’re wondering who we are or why you’re here, here’s the short & sweet answer:Because you believe every wedding should be the most incredible event it can be, and that the services you offer must benefit everybody involved.

So, do we! We’re Uchechi and Peter, longtime Web & mobile app development professionals (over 30 years combined) and the co-founders of wedocracy, the social wedding planning app we built to plan our own destination wedding.And here’s something crucial yet obvious we learned from our journey: Everyone involved in planning a wedding has a role and we all need each other to make it an amazing, low stress and fun filled experience. So, in honor of making weddings fun, we’ve been rolling on the wedding pro pages.

Take a look at our latest vendor page to see what you’ll get when you sign up for your own free Web page.

Why Should I sign up for yet another business listing??

4 Reasons you should get an account on wedocracy:

  1. It’s Free: Need I say more!?
  2. You get to showcase your talent on our site while legitimately boosting your SEO.
  3. You can invite your couples to sign up, then plan with them. Say goodbye to lost emails ending up in spam folders. With in-app messaging, everything stays in one easy-to-find place.
  4. You get to showcase your talent to all wedding guests. Each couple AND guest gets an account, as do you as their vendor and voila, your profile is seen by every wedding guest invited to that particular event. 5.You get to be part of the only social wedding planning app created by an engaged couple. We’re not just doing this because we love weddings. We’re doing this because we know what it’s like to plan a wedding and want to give people the tools to rock it!

Need more reasons to join? Hit us up with comments!

We’re not here to take the place of a wedding planner, florist, caterer or any other kick-ass wedding pro. We need you! We’re here to make your job easier, and to make sure you can focus on being amazing.