What It Means To Be An Honorary WedOcrat

The Lovings case legalized mixed-race marriage in the USA

We created wedOcracy as an engaged couple who wanted to give couples and their guests enjoyable and useful tools to solve a serious problem: the stress involved in wedding planning.

Why are we turning this into a public enterprise? Well, because we used the app to plan our own wedding. And trust me when I say we had our share of challenges, plenty of which would make any engaged couple feel stressed and overwhelmed.

I will write about that in another blog post. Or, if you are so eager and want to know more about our wedding journey, check out the Thriving Bride Archive, my bridal blog written during our engagement, at www.thrivingblog.com.

For now, let me just say that the hope behind our startup is to bring joy back to wedding planning. If we have the right to choose who to marry, we should also have the right (and the help) to choose joy in marrying that person.

So, in honor of launching our new website and reaching 100 followers on twitter, we are honoring wedocrats who have come before us and paved the way for us to have the wedding we wanted.

To us, a wedocrat is someone who has the courage to choose joy in planning their wedding despite the odds. And so, here’s to Mildred & Richard Loving, the first of our Honorary WedOcrats.

Mildred Jeter & Richard Loving

The Lovings earned this title because they had the courage to choose each other and their love instead of the hate and violence that surrounded them. Like us, they were an interracial couple, but they got married in 1958, when mixed marriages were illegal in their home state of Virginia. After driving to Washington, D.C. for their wedding, the Lovings were arrested and thrown in jail on their wedding night when they returned home. Despite the odds, Mildred & Richard chose love over hate and ended up taking their case all the way to the Supreme court, thus being part of the landmark case of Loving v. Virginia, which ended all laws banning interracial marriage in the United States. Thanks to them, our wedding was possible!

Who better than this to be our first Honorary Wedocrats?