Tinder For Weddings?

Is wedocracy tinder for weddings?


When we explain wedocracy  and tell people how guests (and everybody in the system) can see and message each other, people of a certain age almost always say something along the lines of, “so… it’s Tinder for weddings!”

Yes, it is, kinda. But it’s a whole lot more. And how MUCH more is the most important thing.

For us as a couple, we needed Yet Another Wedding App (YAWA) like a hole in the head. We wanted something comprehensive. We wanted something that would connect the guest list to the website for RSVPs, connect the RSVPs to the meals and the seating charts, connect the seating charts to people’s profiles, connect profiles to gifts and later, to ThankYou letters. For us, having a different app for each little thing – and trying to get our guests to adopt even one of those apps – added to our stress big time.

We absolutely wanted to be able to help our guests connect around all sorts of things – for example, we had a group of friends staying at a B & B. Using wedocracy we showed them the rooms we’d picked for them, with photos, and gave the B & B access to that info to manage the confirmations. Guests were able to see who else was staying nearby and could coordinate independently. Which meant we didn’t have to worry about that. It was the same with flights, shuttles to and from the airport, and many other things. The more we could “hand off” to guests to organize on their own (“self-organize?”), the less we had to handle and more of a load off of our shoulders that was.

This is the essence of what we mean when we say “crowdsourced” wedding planning (and what we DON’T mean is, “everybody get up in your business and tell you how you should do things”).

So, is wedocracy “Tinder for Weddings”? You be the judge. Keep your eyes peeled for when we drop the mobile app, and in the meantime…

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