How To Write Wedding Vows That Feel Authentic And Unique

Planning your wedding can be a logistical challenge, but writing your wedding vows shouldn’t be right? You’re supposed to love your better half, be excited to marry them and have no trouble expressing it in front of your closest friends and family right? Wrong? Writing your wedding vows can be challenging. Even as a poet […]

How To Plan A Fun And Affordable Bachelorette Party

Planning a wedding can get expensive, but the pre-wedding events can also add up quickly. You don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable hen night party. If you’re part of the wedding party and helping plan an amazing bachelorette bash, we’re sharing tips on how to make it affordable and really fun. […]

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress in 24 Hours

The title of this post alone might scare you, but if you can be brave enough to continue reading, it also just might help you find your dream wedding dress in a way that actually lets you enjoy the process. The perfect wedding dress does exist. It’s sitting on a rack in some bridal gown […]

6 Reasons To Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dresses

This week on Twitter, we were discussing the issue of who’s responsible for paying for the bridesmaid dresses, and this is how the conversation went: @abrideabudget A3: Let ur bridesmaids choose their dress & they’ll gladly pay. I did this & it was great! #BridalBabble — wedOcracy (@wedocracy) May 28, 2014 I let my bridesmaids […]