Our Couples Costume Challenge this Halloween

Couples Costume Challenge at Wedocracy

Happy Halloween everyone! This year, we’re dressing up with style and White House flair. Want to guess who we are? Let me give you a hint. I’m hitting the town as a DC fixer who gets the bad guys while strutting through DC streets kitted up with my Prada. And who will my hubby and co-founder be? Well, he loves me as I am, flaws and all, and just happens to be POTUS (on TV).

Yes, this year we’re going as a pair. Why? Because like our Halloween characters, we go together like peanut butter and chocolate and we work better as a team than on our own (though we’re not breaking up any marriages).

We’re inspired by Halloween costume couples and pairs. No, you don’t have to be romantically involved in real life or in the lives of your characters, but we think it’s interesting how our stories make sense as a pair.

Are you pairing up for Halloween? With who? Are you & your best friend are dressing up together? Are you pairing up with your partner?

We want to know!

We love partnerships because they’re all about the relationships you have both in character and in everyday life.

How do you enter our contest?:

  1. Share your paired-up costume on Instagram or a Twitter, using the hashtag #Hallowed
  2. Mention @wedocracy in your Tweet or Instagram post. We’ll be sure to RT you if you use the hashtag.
  3. Share your pics by 11/7/14. You’ll have one week to recover & gets those pics up.

What do you win?:

The winning image gets a blog feature on Wedocracy.com blog.

We’ll share your story far & wide, and include links to your business and personal social profiles!

Happy Halloween!