How To Plan A Fun And Affordable Bachelorette Party

10 Tips For Planning A Fun Bachelorette Party On A Budget

Planning a wedding can get expensive, but the pre-wedding events can also add up quickly. You don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable hen night party. If you’re part of the wedding party and helping plan an amazing bachelorette bash, we’re sharing tips on how to make it affordable and really fun.

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  1. Stay local: Find a nearby town that’s cool, but not the same town you live in. it can be expensive for everyone to get away to Vegas, but affordable to go wine tasting nearby and spend a night in a hotel (or a big house on the lake).
  2. Keep it simple: it doesn’t have to be a three day weekend affair, but can be an overnight trip somewhere.
  3. Bring the bride’s favorite places to her: If your bestie loves the beach, but you can’t get to one for the bachelorette party, bring it to her. Take her to a beach inspired restaurant or have a grown-up pool party.
  4. Pitch in for a gift: Who says the maid of honor has to pay for everything? Talk with the other attendees and see who’s open to pitching in to help make the event really special.
  5. Throw a house party: Get friends together to decorate the house, buy a few bottles of her favorite drink and you’re done. She’ll remember the care you put into it more than how much you spent. Get your Spotify playlist, elect one of the bridesmaids as bartender, bring on the bride-to-be and you’re all set! My friends did just this for me and I’ll never forget what a heartfelt gift it was.
  6. Throw a surprise event: No matter where you go or what you do, there’s nothing as memorable as being surprised by your closest friends right before your wedding. The bride won’t care where she’s going/being taken to and will be inspired by how well you pulled it off. Just remember to respect her wedding planning time.
  7. Throw a potluck: With all the food delivery apps around nowadays there’s no excuse for anybody who has more money than time. And for the rest of us, there’s nothing like home cooking. Alcohol gets expensive, so ask each attendee to bring a bottle of something to share.
  8. Throw a drinks potluck: You provide snacks, ice, bar fixings, and everyone else brings the drinks.
  9. Go to the club: It usually costs less to go out for adult entertainment than to hire for a private party. If that’s your thing, head out after the at-home event. Or just watch Magic Mike XXL… heck, watch it anyway to get warmed up.
  10. Remember to have fun: It’s about spending time with your best girlfriends before your wedding day. Make sure it’s fun and you get to laugh with each other. In the end, that’s what you’ll remember most.

Now it’s your turn: Are you planning a bachelorette party? What money saving tips are you using? We’d love to know and share.

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