How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress in 24 Hours

How To Find (and Buy) Your Perfect Wedding Dress

The title of this post alone might scare you, but if you can be brave enough to continue reading, it also just might help you find your dream wedding dress in a way that actually lets you enjoy the process.

The perfect wedding dress does exist.

It’s sitting on a rack in some bridal gown store and it’s got your name all over it. It’s waiting for the two of you to meet, but in order for this to happen you’ve got to remember that the right dress for you most likely won’t show up in your life until you are very clear about what you want.

I found my wedding dress in 24 hours and you can too!

I know it sounds crazy, but it was one of the best things I did to help me enjoy my wedding planning journey. I’m not here to tell you that the dress is just a dress and it doesn’t matter because you’ll only wear it once.The dress does matter. When life events are once in a lifetime events, who doesn’t want to feel phenomenal and look their best if there’s really one shot? So, I get it. But, I am here to tell you that choosing your dress does not have to be so stress inducing and can actually be a fun and enjoyable process.With these tips, you can find a dress sooner than later.

1. Tune out everyone else

Your lovely mother means well and so do all the other relatives, but this is about a dress that you will wear for at least 10 hours.  Take in the opinion of others, but remember it is your day and you should look and feel great.

2. Only bring people who you know will support your decision

We all love our girlfriends and, but only take the ones you know will be there to support your decision. If anyone wants to remind you that your ass has never looked great, then they should probably stay home on that day.

3. Make an honest list of what you want

Here what my list looked like:

  • Natural vs. Synthetic? I chose Natural Silk
  • White vs. Cream? I chose cream colored
  • Long vs. Short? I chose long
  • Straps vs. Strapless? I chose strapless
  • Budget vs. No Budget? Wait, is having no sense of how much you want to spend an option? No, that’s why I chose to have a budget

4. Make a budget, and don’t leave home without it!

While the sales reps love to help, they really need you to tell them what you want and to tell them how much you can spend.I made this list, and I hit the stores. The first dress shop we went into only had synthetic gowns, so I moved on.

Remember, you’ve got to be strong and clear about what you want. If it’s really cute but doesn’t fit your list, make a note of it, but really steer clear.

When searching for your wedding dress, knowing what you want helps you and the people helping you. And maybe you don’t know, but let’s get real. You’ve probably been pinning pics of your dream wedding dress on Pinterest even before you got engaged.  Right? Enough said.Take your list into the store and ask to see the catalog.

5. Decide on a number of dresses you’re willing to try on, and try to stick to it.

I wanted to try on no more than 10, and I ended up trying on 6 and I knew the last one was for me.  I also had a checklist, and I stuck to it.

How you look is important , but remember that you’ll be wearing this for at least 10 hours, so if you can hardly breathe and will need to stop eating to fit into it, stop yourself right there. Once you’ve tried them on, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel in this dress?
  • Will I regret it if I don’t buy it?
  • Is the cost within my budget?
  • Does this dress fit my style and personality?

If you think you’ll be tossing and turning at night, then buy the dress. Seriously, your engagement is not the time to start getting wrinkles from finding the perfect dress.   I actually enjoyed going wedding dress shopping. The perfect wedding dress (for you) is out there, but finding it takes a little bit of savvy on your part.

It’s important to be clear about what you want, when you go dress shopping and to bring along the people who are most supportive and always have a budget. While wedding planning can be stressful, finding your dress does not have to be. Your wedding day is not meant to be suffered through.  It’s  really special day, so enjoy it! Please do what you can to focus on how amazing this time is instead of focusing on the dress so much that you can’t sleep or eat. There are other things you should pay attention to, like how awesome it is to choose love and to bring your community together to celebrate that.

How’s your wedding dress shopping going? Was this post helpful?  I want to know! Hit me up in the comments!