Happy Birthday wedOcracy!

Happy Birthday Wedocracy!

Happy Birthday wedOcracy!

Yesterday, our company celebrated its 1st birthday. We bought cake (the creamy key lime kind), we lit a candle and we sat with friends who serenaded us and our company. We sat in a New Orleans restaurant on Frenchman street and raised our glasses to our company, our past year and the years to come. It was seriously wonderful.

During our year long journey, we’ve had some amazing highs and some challenging lows, but we’re still here and we’re doing this social wedding planning tech startup thing. Why?Because this isn’t about a wedding planning app. It’s actually about giving people great online tools to live their best lives, especially on one of the most important days.

As Peter’s best man so eloquently said, “your wedding is one of the first things you do together as a married couple.” It sets the tone for how you want to live and work together as a married couple. And, we think finding someone to spend your life with (flaws and all) is really amazing.  So, here’s to the awesome work of one great year and the hope for more to come!

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing highlights from our first year. Here’s to another year!