Get A Free Year Of Low Stress Wedding Planning

Wedocracy is free right now so you can enjoy your wedding planning

Here at wedOcracy, we’re all about helping you plan weddings with less stress, more joy and lots of fun! In celebration of making weddings fun, we’re giving you some free stuff. We’re also celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary.

Did we tell you we built this website for our own wedding, had a blast and can’t wait to celebrate 2 years together on November 10th, 2014. Yes, what could be more relaxing that getting some free schwag.

Here’s what you get:

1. Plan with your partner: A social network that lets you connect with your soon to be spouse. Share messages, connect and plan with each other. It’s like an online romance, but even better because you’re planning the rest of your life toghether.

2.  Use 1 website instead of 10: A social network that lets you integrate everything in one place. No more having to use 10 apps (registry, guest list, seating chart, DJ) to plan your big day. Streamline everything and use wedOcracy as your go to place to manage everything from your events (manage all your wedding events in one place) to your registry and seating chart.  Having a Halloween inspired bachelor party next week? We’ve got you! Plan it, message with your best man & Co and get things started off right.

3. Collaborate with your friends: A social network that lets you collaborate with your guests. Who’s bringing the strong tequila to the bachelorette party? Um, well. With our collaborative features, you no longer have to wonder. Loop in your bridesmaids and let them help you! Who’s picking up your dress? Who’s going with you to the dress fitting? We’ve got you!  Assign tasks to them, send them a message and let them know where they need to be and know what they’re supposed to do for each event. Plus, you get a notification when the task is completed.

4. Introduce your guests to each other: A social network that lets your guests connect with each other before the wedding and follow up after the wedding. Why does this matter? Your guests are just as nervous about attending your wedding as you are of planning it and actually getting married. Why? Well, your single guests are wondering who else is attending single (and cute). They’re also concerned about where they’ll stay, who to share a room with to make the trip more budget friendly and who else is coming from their city. And let’s be honest, you’ve always wanted to set up your best girlfriend from college with the Best Man right? Who wants to have to do those awkward intros. Let them find each other.

Here’s how it works: Create an account, invite your guests. They get to create an account to log in, RSVP and connect with other guests via their social profiles.


Ready to sign up? Get a free year on us!

We want 1 entire year of wedocracy and we don’t intend to pay a shilling for it!