Farewell to Wedocracy

The origin of wedOcracy is that it was built on the story of love. In 2012, Peter Jacobson asked me to marry him and I said yes.

As the owners of a web development company, we felt we had the know-how to build something that would help us plan our own wedding, and bring ease, joy and fun to the wedding planning process for everyone involved.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve done just that. We poured sweat equity into the product and put our web development and design chops into building something that we hoped would change the reality of wedding planning.

We’ve had couples sign up from 5 continents and 12 countries including Iceland, Nigeria, Denmark and Thailand. We’ve received encouraging emails from newlyweds thanking us for building the product and acknowledging just how stressful wedding planning can be.

Despite our best efforts, all of this encouragement was not enough to keep the lights on at wedOcracy HQ.

After 3 solid years of working at it, we’ve shut things down and moved our focus to our web development company.

Since we started with wedOcracy, we’ve run both companies. It was not always easy, but it was necessary to keep Linking Arts going while we also bootstrapped wedOcracy.

Bootsrapping definitely has its benefits. We were able to really focus on the problem we were solving. But after failing to raise the money we needed to grow, we realized that we could not take wedOcracy to the next level on our own.

And so with the close of 2016 we have shut it down. We want to thank every couple, wedding guest, mother-in-law and random uncle who used wedOcracy.

We want to thank our very first couple, who threw an amazing California wedding. They inspired us to keep at it.

We want to thank every investor who heard our pitch and every accelerator who considered us.

This is not quite the post-mortem. This isn’t the post about what we learned. That will come later. For now, this is the post where we update you as to the status of wedOcracy.

Thank you for following us along the way. We so appreciate it. And we still do believe that we built something that helped many couples.

We hope to keep building great products. As web development company founders invested in creating meaningful products, I know we will.

Uchechi Kalu Jacobson
CEO/UX Designer