Celebrating Bastille Day & Our Engagement Anniversary

Celebrating our wedding anniversary

Happy Bastille Day! We know it’s a French holiday, but we’re celebrating Bastille Day because it’s also the day we got engaged, 2 years ago.

Since then we’ve had an amazing multicultural wedding, launched a social wedding planning startup which we built to plan our own wedding, visited 4 countries and are getting ready to celebrate 1 year as a startup company (we’ll be posting a special company anniversary blog post on Saturday).

At the top of this post you can see the cake topper our niece painted for our engagement party:…
We love it because it was a gift from our (then 8 year-old) niece of course, but we also love it because she took the time to paint the doll so it could look like Uchechi, the beautiful Nigerian bride.It’s cute, but it’s also meaningful to us.The modern wedding looks more and more like our marriage and involves many countries, many cultures, multiple languages.

In 2013, 1 in 5 US weddings were interracial. When you’re thinking of integrating several traditions into your wedding, it’s important to think about making communication easy for everyone involved. Often, family members are helping you plan from different countries and don’t see each other in person until the day of the wedding.That’s a huge part of what motivated us to build wedOcracy for our own wedding: to make information sharing and communication easier for all guests.

Thanks for reading this post and for stopping by to help us celebrate Bastille Day and our engagement anniversary.