How To Write Wedding Vows That Feel Authentic And Unique

Planning your wedding can be a logistical challenge, but writing your wedding vows shouldn’t be right? You’re supposed to love your better half, be excited to marry them and have no trouble expressing it in front of your closest friends and family right? Wrong? Writing your wedding vows can be challenging. Even as a poet […]

15 Practical & Memorable Gifts For Your Destination Wedding Guest Gift Bag

Gift bags are a great way to show your guests some love and thank them for attending your wedding. From sunglasses to tequila, what you put in your gift bag can vary and show your guests a bit of local culture. When planning a destination wedding, a gift bag (though not a requirement!) can be […]

How To Plan A Fun And Affordable Bachelorette Party

Planning a wedding can get expensive, but the pre-wedding events can also add up quickly. You don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable hen night party. If you’re part of the wedding party and helping plan an amazing bachelorette bash, we’re sharing tips on how to make it affordable and really fun. […]

8 Same-Sex Wedding Videos That Will Restore Your Faith In Love

We love the month of June for many reasons, but especially because it’s International Gay Pride Month. What we love most about it is the beauty and emotions of seeing same-sex couples finally be able to get married in their respective countries. Weddings are such special events, but what makes them so unique is that […]

25 Hip Hop Inspired Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

Happy Father’s Day! If you’re planning a wedding, you’re probably thinking about your father-daughter dance and the song you’ll choose. A lot has changed since our father’s got married, and the father-daughter dance has also evolved. Brides are opting to mix a little of the old schools songs from their dads generation with some modern […]

From Loving Day to Sorth Carolina: As a company, we need to say something

Last week, we celebrated Loving Day, a day marked by celebrations of mixed families and couples telling their stories on social media.  We saw festivals around the world celebrating the right for people to marry whomever they want, regardless of skin color. That was a great day! Today, the killings of members of Emanuel AME […]

7 Tips For Planning Your Father-Daughter Dance Without Your Dad

Weddings are all about family and community. From close friends to your dearest family members, it’s a celebration of the people who love us. When Father’s Day rolls around, it’s often a happy occasion for many people. I love seeing all the throwback photos of dads, their kids and #mostawesomedad hashtags on social media. There […]

Wedding Guest Tips: How To Show Your Guests Some Love

Weddings are about celebrating the engaged couple, but they’re also about our communities and making the most of the wedding weekend we have with some of our best friends and closest family members. Sometimes guests travel from around the world to celebrate your special day, and they want to have a great time and make […]

Tech Is The New Wedding Budget Planner: 10 Tech Hacks To Help You Save On Wedding Planning

For many newly engaged couples, the thought of planning a wedding can be downright stressful, especially when it comes to managing and staying on point with your wedding budget. 60% of couples say that sticking to their wedding budget is very important to them. We want to help you make the most of your wedding […]

5 Tips For Planning A Unique Wedding

Weddings  are a great opportunity to showcase your personality. The event brings together all our favorite people from different times in our lives: Our best childhood friend, our college friends, a few cousins in there and then people from our current professional lives. 60% of engaged couples say they want their wedding to reflect them. […]

4 Reasons You Should Stop Using Your Wedding Binder

We recently went out to dinner and started chatting with our waitress. She had an engagement ring on, and was super excited to tell me how things were going with her wedding planning. When I asked her what tools she was using to plan, she got quiet for a minute, averted my eyes and whispered […]

How To Enjoy Wedding Planning With Your Mom

(Whether she’s your bio-mom or not.) Mother’s day has come and gone, and now you’ve got to get back to wedding planning. You probably showed your mom all kinds of love on her special day, but now it’s time to focus on planning your special day. Wedding planning can be stressful, and it gets even […]

Santa, Mexican Beer and Why We Believe in wedOcracy!

Waking up on Christmas Day This morning I woke up eager to see if Santa had indeed enjoyed my cookies and milk, which I thought I had carefully set out for him and his posse. The truth is, as I quietly crept up the stairs towards our Christmas tree, I was shocked by what I […]

10 Killer Last Minute Gifts For Tech Lovers

At wedOcracy, we believe in using technology to make life more streamlined, stress-free and fun. And we know the holidays can get pretty stressful. With all the gift buying involved, we thought we’d help you stress less by giving you really cool gift ideas that you can purchase last minute and online. Here’s to the […]