We love the month of June for many reasons, but especially because it’s International Gay Pride Month. What we love most about it is the beauty and emotions of seeing same-sex couples finally be able to get married in their respective countries. Weddings are such special events, but what makes them so unique is that they really do show that #loveislove regardless of race, sexual orientation, class and other boundaries. In honor of love, we’re sharing these beautiful same-sex wedding moments.

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1. Alanna + Felicity Wedding Day

What we love: The brides mother crying at 1:22 as she savors her last few minutes with her daughter.

2. Violeta + Limor Engagement Proposal

What we love: Flash mob dancing + a proposal. It couldn’t get much better than that.

3. Christina + Stephanie Engagement Proposal


What we love: It truly was a surprise! Christina thought it was her birthday. Check out her shocked face at 2:30.

4. Felicia + Mary Wedding Day

What we love: Their “first look” at 0:59.

5. William + Billy Wedding Day

What We Love: Their relationship started with a Facebook message. Check out their vows at 0:12.

6. Robert + Nathaniel Wedding Day

What we love: Check out the ring bearer at 1:22 with a “here come the grooms” sign.

7. Robert + Milton Courthouse Wedding Day

What we love: They got married the day the city of Mobile Alabama lifted its same-sex wedding ban. We love when they come up with on-the-spot wedding vows to say to each other at 1:15.

8. Bernard0 + Juan Carlo Wedding Day

What we love: Everything about this wedding was epic, but we especially love the bilingual (Spanish and English) wedding vows at 1:49.

Do you have a same-sex wedding video to share? We’d love to see it! Engaged and looking for a great website to help you and your guests connect and make wedding planning easier? Let’s connect in the comments.

Published by Uchechi Kalu

Wedocracy co-founder and CEO Uchechi Kalu Jacobson is a Nigerian American writer, poet, author and tech entrepreneur. Her new book of poetry, Resembling the Sea, will be published in 2015.