8 Same-Sex Wedding Videos That Will Restore Your Faith In Love

8 Same-Sex Wedding Day Videos

We love the month of June for many reasons, but especially because it’s International Gay Pride Month. What we love most about it is the beauty and emotions of seeing same-sex couples finally be able to get married in their respective countries. Weddings are such special events, but what makes them so unique is that they really do show that #loveislove regardless of race, sexual orientation, class and other boundaries. In honor of love, we’re sharing these beautiful same-sex wedding moments.

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1. Alanna + Felicity Wedding Day

What we love: The brides mother crying at 1:22 as she savors her last few minutes with her daughter.

2. Violeta + Limor Engagement Proposal

What we love: Flash mob dancing + a proposal. It couldn’t get much better than that.

3. Christina + Stephanie Engagement Proposal


What we love: It truly was a surprise! Christina thought it was her birthday. Check out her shocked face at 2:30.

4. Felicia + Mary Wedding Day

What we love: Their “first look” at 0:59.


5. William + Billy Wedding Day

What We Love: Their relationship started with a Facebook message. Check out their vows at 0:12.

6. Robert + Nathaniel Wedding Day

What we love: Check out the ring bearer at 1:22 with a “here come the grooms” sign.

7. Robert + Milton Courthouse Wedding Day

What we love: They got married the day the city of Mobile Alabama lifted its same-sex wedding ban. We love when they come up with on-the-spot wedding vows to say to each other at 1:15.

8. Bernard0 + Juan Carlo Wedding Day

What we love: Everything about this wedding was epic, but we especially love the bilingual (Spanish and English) wedding vows at 1:49.


Do you have a same-sex wedding video to share? We’d love to see it! Engaged and looking for a great website to help you and your guests connect and make wedding planning easier? Let’s connect in the comments.