70% RSVPs in 24 Hours!

People WILL actually respond to email - much faster

You can’t really do anything concrete until you know how many people are confirmed for your wedding. You can’t commit to the caterer, who can’t commit to their vendors; you can’t figure out what size dance floor you might need (and therefore how much you will need to pay for it), you can’t build your seating charts the final, or close to final guest list determines so many things. SO many decisions depend on it.

Our first beta test couple to send out their electronic invites got a more than 70% RSVP rate from the parties they sent to – within 24 hours! And by response we mean, 47 of the 67 parties who received the emails (a party is multiple people, for example a family) registered on wedOcracy, AND clicked to say “Yes we will attend,” “No, we can’t,” or “Unsure” (in this case, all but one are attending, one is unsure as of today…).

We believe that’s pretty amazing, especially since getting people to RSVP is one of the biggest pain points we had as a couple.

So, we’ve got big smiles on our faces today. Just saying.