4 Reasons You Should Stop Using Your Wedding Binder

We recently went out to dinner and started chatting with our waitress. She had an engagement ring on, and was super excited to tell me how things were going with her wedding planning.

When I asked her what tools she was using to plan, she got quiet for a minute, averted my eyes and whispered “I’m using my binder.” Her shyness in admitting this may have been because after having built a social network to plan weddings, we might seem like the wedding binder police.

The truth is, we’re far from that. We actually just want to see more people have fun and enjoy their first major life event as a married couple.

Wedding binders aren’t really the thing that needs to go (although we’d like to see them tossed with this week’s garbage). What really needs a facelift is how we plan our weddings in the 21st century. Many of the available tools are outdated, and only add to our stress.

#Weddingplanning needs a facelift, so stop using your wedding binder!

Here’s how outdated tools add to your stress:

  1. Nothing is relational, or can reference anything else automatically.
  2. Nothing is simple and easy. Sending emails to all your guests, then trying to follow up with them as your inbox gets more and more cluttered does not sound easy or fun. Everything should be in one place and guests should RSVP with a simple click of a button. Make it easy for them, and they will RSVP
  3. Nothing is fun!When was the last time your heard your friends say planning their wedding was fun. NEVER–Right? It doesn’t have to be that way. Throwing a fun wedding should start with planning the wedding.
  4. Nothing is collaborative. When you’ve got friends who want to help, make it easy for them. Maybe you want someone to pick something up for you, or help you plan your bachelorette party. You can’t exactly give them your binder and say “let’s do this together.” Unless you want to fax it to them… (cough)

Now it’s your turn: What tools are you using to plan your wedding? Come on, it’s time to fess up. To all the “wedding binder” addicts, we might be able to help you recover.