4 months out, no venue, no caterer, we got squat

El Meson de San Jose, San Miguel de Allende

[bctt tweet=”Stay true to what you most desire, and you will create space for yourselves where none existed.”]

Here’s why I tweeted that.

Today I walked past one of the spots we almost had our wedding at, a gorgeous old hotel along a lush park. We were beyond excited about having our ceremony there, as there were not many options for a non-Catholic couple marrying in central Mexico, and it was perfect.

The location came with a planner, and part of the package included several hotel rooms in the property. It wasn’t cheap but it was within range. We could have both the ceremony AND the reception there, plus it even came with an incredible chef, who’d served Presidente Fox when he was in office (we are both foodies to the max so we loved that). To top it off, there was a traditional Chichimeca ceremonial area that would add a wonderful element to the ceremony.

Unfortunately the planner was in name only. We spent a few weeks chasing her around, trying to get pricing, get contracts in order and so on, to no avail. Eventually we realized it wasn’t going to happen, at least not without waaaay more time and effort from us than we had to give. Isn’t that what a planner is supposed to do? Handle it? (The answer is a big fat YES.) We were deeply disappointed.

So, hearts in our throats, we decided it would be wisest to cut bait and move on. Which meant finding a new venue for both the ceremony and the reception, a caterer AND different lodgings for our guests. It was a tough call but we truly felt we had to take a leap off that cliff and start from square one all over again, even though we had less than 4 months to go (and both work full time). We would have to face all our fears that nothing would work out, with no guarantees except that our friend and confidant would conduct the ceremony, and that our friends would be there in the fall. We just went on faith that we’d manifest something, somehow.

Eventually everything fell into place. It’s a good story for another day, but we found a B & B (a former bordello, no less) for our guests and the ceremony; a wonderful historic meson (inn) for the reception (at an unbelievable price – see photo above); a planner who brought her own catering – and Mick Jagger’s former personal chef (again, story for another day!)… everything just came together magically. And I don’t use that word lightly – to me, magic is when through the force of emotion, being true to yourself, you change reality. And we did!

How wedocracy fit into that is yet another story…

If you happen to be getting married in San Miguel de Allende, give us a shout out, we will be more than happy to pass on any info we can.

All the best,


ps the photo is an archival print from the 30s or 40s of the méson we finally found as our reception space. During that time, the courtyard housed the farm animals of the travelers who bunked there while visiting the town of San Miguel de Allende.