3 Things You Can Do (right now) To Enjoy Wedding Planning

How to Make Wedding Planning Fun

Planning your wedding should be a fun-filled time, but it often leads to so much stress. Let’s do a self check in right now! Are you planning your wedding and feeling overwhelmed by everything on your checklist? We suggest you step away from the computer, grab a cool drink (it is summer after all) and read our tips for enjoying your engagement.

1. Do wedding related errands together.

Bringing your +1 on as many wedding related errands makes you more likely to remember why you’re running around and meeting with the florist, photographer and planner. During our engagement, we did all of the planning together. It worked our really well because it gave us the feeling that “we’re in this together”, which sets the tone for your future marriage and partnership. Right?

2. Turn a wedding planning chore into a date

Since you want your wedding to be romantic, why not start making the planning romantic? I know it might sound impossible and utterly strange to suggest the two might go together, but they actually do.

>Here’s why:

It helps you remember that planning your wedding is one of the first things you do together on your lifelong journey together. If you want the day itself to be special, start making the planning special.After meeting with the planner, don’t just go home! Add a surprise dinner or wine tasting in there. Your date night (or date afternoon) idea doesn’t have to add to your already stressful budget concerns. During our engagement, we took dance classes to help us with our first dance. We made it into a date, and right afterwards ate dinner at our favorite affordable restaurant.  We always knew that Thursday night was dancing and dinner & it helped us grow closer as the wedding day approached.

Here’s a tip:

Date nights can be affordable.

If you want to keep the romance flowing without breaking the bank, choose budget friendly dates.

3. Take a day off

Whenever things seem stressful for me, I take a step back and do something else. Maybe you need to unplug from your wired life for a day? Or, maybe you need to spend a day at your favorite restaurant. Taking a step back will give you perspective, clear your head and remind you of just why you’re doing all and any of this.

What do you do to help make your wedding planning easier and stress free?